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We recently heard the story of a woman living in Rwanda, East Africa, who was ill with severe bleeding. She had gone to many doctors and medial professionals, and there was nothing they could do to help Her. Then one day, someone gave her a teaching by Bishop Darlingston Johnson, our senior pastor. The teaching was on applying the blood to Jesus to receive a miracle. This woman listened to the message, believed it, applied it to her life, and received her healing!

We have a passion for seeing the lives of people transformed for the glory of God, and we’re always excited when we hear stories of how God is using Bethel to impact lives around the world.

Through your giving you can become a partner with Bethel as we take the Gospel of Grace to the world. Through our humanitarian and medical missions, we’re helping people in various impoverished nations around the world. Through our schools and educational institutions, we’re preparing the leaders of tomorrow. As of today, Bethel has planted more than 325 churches around the world and has a goal to plant 1000 more by 2021. You can help us to do this.


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