Book: Never Too Late

Life can be messy. Painful. Confusing. Sometimes, we   try to do everything right, and things still go wrong. Sometimes, we cause our own problems. Whether we struggle and suffer because of illness, abuse, unfortunate circumstances, addiction, financial worries, injury, depression, grief, anxiety, loneliness or regret, there’s someone who understands.

In this book, you’ll meet six real people from Bethel who candidly share the true and riveting accounts of their own worst hardships and heartaches. Then you’ll learn the secrets that brought them courage, hope and utter transformation. These people no longer define themselves by yesterday’s mistakes or misfortunes; rather, they’re thriving with a new sense of perspective, belonging and purpose.

Our lives really can change. We can pursue a fresh start. May these stories inspire each of us to seek out a new day, real joy and a full life.