Twenty six years ago...

a group of 17 of us gathered at Howard University’s Blackburn Center for our first service. As we stood there, we envisioned the possibility of being a world outreach ministry, but few of us imagined that by 2016, we would have more than 2500 members from over 50 nations; 250 churches in 5 continents of the world; over 62 elementary and high schools; 5 theological training institutions; 1 medical clinic, 1 orphanage, 1 radio station, and 1 local TV station.

Truly, God’s hand has been at work in our midst. Since 1990, God has used Bethel as a beacon of hope in the Washington DC Metropolitan area to reveal to ordinary people, the love of an extraordinary God. Through this Ministry, thousands of people from all walks of life have found freedom in Christ, discovered their passions and God-given abilities, and are living fruitful lives serving God and others. Now, we’re ready to do more.


[IN]VEST BEYOND Capital Campaign is our collective investment to build, transform, and impact lives by the construction of a new 50,000 square foot modern worship center!

As lives are being impacted, our growth has continued, and thus the need for larger facilities has risen. Our temporary worship center—a gymnasium—has to be setup and taken down each weekend, and we’re already nearing capacity with two services each Sunday.

Our youth and children areas have become inadequate due to our growing church, and we’re currently unable to accommodate all of the youth and children if they were to all show up on a Sunday.

This is the opportunity that we now have Bethel; to do something we’ve never done before for the glory of God!