Be a Part of our End of Year Giving Campaign

This past Sunday, I spoke on The Joy of Giving, and shared with you the exciting news of the purchase of a $2,000,000 property in Brazil that will serve as our South America headquarters and allow us to reach the people in that region with the life-transforming message of Jesus; how exciting! But we didn’t spend $2,000,000 for it: through your generous giving, we were able to raise a mere fraction of that amount, and now we fully own the property! This is nothing but a miracle, and the favor of God. (Click here to see photos)

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Not too long ago, we saw that very miracle here in Olney. We had run out of space at our previous location and lacked the facilities to truly make an impact. Through faith, we sold our Silver Spring properties, not knowing where we would go. And we gave towards our Crossing Over capital campaign. Then God made this current facility available to us to purchase for a fraction of the cost: again, another miracle!

There seems to be a pattern here: see a need, give through faith, experience a miracle. Now, we know that God is faithful, and has always blessed us. As a community gathered together to love Him and one another, we have seen God reward our faith and love time and time again. When we do what’s possible, our part, He always does His part, the impossible. And He never stops amazing us!


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The perfect solution to quick, on-the-go giving. To give, simply Text one of the keywords (BWtithe, BWoffering, BWTV, or BWmissions), a space, and amount to 74483. Eg: BWtithe 100, and follow the prompts.

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