Position: Video Producer

Job Description:
Bethel World Outreach Church is seeking a full-time video producer to head the creation and management of high quality content and inspiring videos.  The ideal candidate possesses the ability to effectively develop and pitch ideas, offer creative solutions to problems and think of innovative ways to reach a desired audience.  A key strength needs to be the ability to use video to communicate thoughts, ideas and stories effectively.

Key Responsibilities:

The ideal candidate plans, directs, shoots and edits weekly video content for weekend services, ministries and special events. They will mentor and lead a team of volunteers and will be responsible for capturing and sharing stories of life change happening in and through our church. They will produce videos that highlight the story, mission, and purpose of Bethel, and communicate the value of the ministry and the Gospel to its members, the community, and the world. They will also produce content for the TV program and social media, as well as other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Media Director.

[ The above job description describes the general nature and level of work being performed.
It is not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, or skills required for the position.


  • Degree in film or media related field; or at least 2-4 years experience in video production.
  • Experience and training in studio and field production including lighting, audio and camera work.
  • Experience and training in post-production work including non-linear editing, compositing, and motion graphic design.
  • Proven ability to take projects from beginning to end (concept to production to final edit).
  • Organized and able to effectively manage time and multiple projects.
  • Action-oriented and displays focus, passion and initiative.
  • Knowledge of commonly used concepts, practices, and procedures in video production, graphic design and storytelling.
  • Committed to improvement, seeks constructive criticism, understands strengths and weaknesses.
  • Effective visual, written and oral communicator
  • Can work in an environment that doesn’t require micro-managing.
  • Manages time and resources well.
  • Can be pranked without getting upset :-)

Work Environment:
• A fast paced, Spirit filled, Christian atmosphere.

Reports To:
Media Director

To apply, please answer the following questions and submit with your resume and video reel to mcruz@bwomi.org:

  1. Why do you create?
  2. What is your approach to video production?
  3. Describe your view on the usage of Creative Arts in the church.
  4. In what unique way(s) does the medium of video help communicate the Gospel message?