What Are CareGroups?

Everybody wants to belong! We all want a place where we feel at home and can connect with people who understand us with all our quirky ways; a place where we are accepted, build relationships and can cry and laugh with others. A place where everyone knows our name.

And everybody needs to be discipled. We all need a place where we can grow spiritually, love deeply, and serve selflessly. A place where we can experience God with others and become devoted disciples of Christ.  

Our Care-Groups provide all of this, plus more! These groups meet once each week in various homes within the community.

What Do CareGroups Offer?

Growth: Care-Groups are rich soil that provides the opportunity for you to grow socially, emotionally and spiritually.

Mentorship: Care-Groups provide the opportunity for you to be mentored and for you to learn how to minister to others as a disciple of Christ.

Support: We all face difficult times in life. In those moments, you need unconditional support from people who truly care. Care-Groups provide you with this support.

Fun: What is life without laughs? Boring! Care-Groups are fun places too, where you can socialize, be yourself and enjoy the company of others.

How Do I Join a CareGroup?
To join a group, click on the link below to access the myBethel section of our site. If you're not familiar with myBethel, simply complete the form below and someone from our CareGroups team will get in touch with you shortly!