Bishopric Anniversary | March 28 - 31, 2019

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Thousands of lives have been changed because of the obedience of Bishop and Pastor Chrys! This year, let's gather and glorify Jesus for what He has done through them! Come and be inspired by the impact Bethel is making throughout the nations! 

Why We Celebrate

Not too many of us are faced with decisions that impact the lives and journey of thousands of people. But this was the case of Bishop Darlingston and Pastor Chrys Johnson in 1990. Stranded in the United States after a civil war erupted in their home country of Liberia, they sought the Lord for guidance. His response; be missionaries, not refugees.

This was not an easy decision. They had left everything behind, including a new church which they were heading. Besides, how could they be missionaries in the United States, of all place? Wasn't it supposed to be the other way around? How long would they have to be away? What will happen to the church and members? Will they ever see the members again? These were just some of the many things they had to consider...but they obeyed. What seemed like an obstacle to the work of God laid the foundation for a global movement to win the lost at all cost!

Under the leadership of Bishop Darlingston and Pastor Chrys, Bethel has spread to 5 continents, with more than 325 churches Thousands of people have come to Christ through their ministry, and thousands of lives across the globe have been impacted... all because of their obedience. 

As we celebrate them this year, we're showing our gratitude for their obedience and for their unyielding passion to seeing live transformed by the gospel and people living fruitful lives. But even more than that, when we celebrate them, we're actually celebrating Jesus — he's given them as a gift to the body of Christ. When we honor Bishop and Pastor Chrys, we're honoring Jesus! 

So let's gather, and together give thanks to God for Bishop and Pastor Chrys, and for the many fruits that their obedience to God has produced!

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Schedule of Events

  1. Thursday, March 28: 
    Bishopric Celebration Service

  2. Friday, March 29
    Bishopric Celebration Service

  3. Saturday, March 30 (6pm - 10pm)
    Bishopric Banquet and Stage Play featuring renowned Comedian Howard G!

  4. Sunday, March 31
    Bishopric Celebration Sunday Services
    9:00am & 11:30am

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